About the Acacia Jacket

Our first and definitive jacket has been designed to fit into a wide spectrum of different outfits and formalities, whilst remaining incredibly comfortable and practical. We wanted to create a shape that could work year-round when made up in different fabrics; a cool linen left unlined for the summer, all the way to a fuzzy wool/cashmere fully lined for the colder months, this jacket will continue to show off a comfortable and relaxed air of elegance.

Let's break down the key elements to our design:

  • The streamlined, button-up front is both simple and classic, with premium natural horn buttons, made in the UK, and a hidden mother-of-pearl button that is revealed when the top button-loop is fastened.

  • The shape of the jacket is straight and relaxed without being bulky, with a length that is short enough to work well with higher-waisted tailored trousers but not so short to exclude outfits with more casual jeans or chinos.

  • The back of the jacket is left clean and unencumbered, both to create a smarter look, but also to show off our limited fabrics without any seams or stitching.

  • Exterior angled hip pockets are discreet and at the perfect height to casually rest your hands. The exterior breast pocket, meanwhile, is just the right size to hold your sunglasses, handkerchief, or travel ticket.

  • Inside the jacket you will find two breast pockets that are ideal for your phone and wallet, meaning you will never have to bulk out your trouser pockets with essentials when you leave the house.

  • Depending on the material you choose, our jackets can be either partially or fully lined in 100% cotton with high-end cupro or viscose sleeve linings.

  • Made by hand in North London, you’ll find premium construction details throughout, such as slim French seams, hand-sewn buttons, refined buttoned cuffs with pleating and neat, strong machine sewing.